U.S. Units Providing Support

229th Assault Helicopter Division
The 229th provided the lift support for the 3rd Brigade from 3 November to 26 November, 1965, flying 10,840 sorties. Two aircraft were shot down. They suffered 5 KIA and 5 WIA during the operations.

228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion
The CH-47 Chinooks of this battalion provided the airlift for placement of supporting artillery and the logistical support, lifting 6,852 tons in support and flying 7,692 sorties.

11th Aviation Company
Their main purpose was to provide aerial surveillance and target acquisition using CV-1 Mohawks.

1st Cavalry Division Artillery
Every element of the available artillery was utilized at some point.

8th Engineer Battalion
All battalion companys were utilized.

Support Command
3rd Forward Support Element, 15th Medical Battalion, 27th Maintenance Battalion, 15th Supply & Service Battalion, 34th Quartermaster Battalion, 13th Signal Battalion, 17th Aviation Company, 478th Aviation Company, 54th Infantry Detachment, 10th Radio Research, 455th MP Company, 191st MI Detachment, USAF.

Information sourced from the 1st Cavalry Division After Action Report, 4 March 1966.